Customized Packing Options


When we say we deliver custom solutions, we’re not just talking about custom t-shirt bags. We can customize case pack and case dimensions to suit your needs and free up shelf space. We can even insert your marketing collateral into every bag we make for you. Whatever your business needs, we’re happy to customize our operations so yours can run smoother.

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Pan liners and food prep items

Food Prep

Keep your prepared food fresh, prevent cross-contamination, and reduce prep and clean-up time with our complete line of products. Portion bags, labels, liners, lid covers, and our signature Sher-Mitt ® combine to provide you with the complete package for your kitchen. From the front of the house, to the back of the house, we’ve got you covered.

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We care about our planet, period. You might not expect to hear that from a manufacturer of plastic bags, but we believe what’s good for the environment is good for business. We do our absolute best to help our customers find sustainable solutions that work for their business. We stay in touch with regulatory developments and are always looking for ways to help our customers bring sustainability into their supply chain.

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When it comes to serving your patrons, there’s nothing you won’t do to serve them better, even if it means completely rethinking your supply chain and distribution. With so many gears turning and the distribution landscape constantly changing, optimizing your non-food distribution is easier said than done. We’ll do whatever it takes to make those puzzle pieces easier for you to put together. We can ship to virtually any distributor according to virtually any schedule necessary. Plus, you can find all of our stock products on the DOT Expressway.

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