Sinewave™ Bags

The Original Wave Bag®This High Density Polyethylene bag provides greater strength, stiffness and temperature tolerances than medium or low density alternatives. Five stock sizes available (16″, 19″, 21″, 23″ and 34″) created to fit most any standard take-out container.

Standard Options:

  • Smaller cube size than paper significantly minimizes inventory space allocation
  • More sanitary than paper, won’t attract insects
  • Offers better printing surface than paper, higher quality graphics means improved brand awareness
  • More sizes to choose from than paper
  • Easier to load than traditional T-Shirt bags, doesn’t require a loading platform
  • More upscale look and feel than T-Shirt
  • Microwavable
  • Large Opening for Easy Loading
  • Large Printable Area
  • Bottom Gusseted for Flat Bottom
  • Leak-Proof, Grease-Proof
  • Dispenser Available #1771

Custom Options:

  • Vary handle heights from 3″ to 9″, larger handles require heavier gauge film
  • Bottom gusset up to 12″
  • Optional corner seals for self-standing bag
  • Optional folded handles for easier opening

Ask us about our Envirojolt line of green packaging alternatives:

  • Full compostable packaging meet ASTM D6400 Standard for Compostability, BPI Approved
  • Packaging manufactured with recycled content Packaging manufactured with degradable additive (EPI®)

Additional information

Weight 13.19 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 8 in


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