Sher-Fit™ Liner

Pak-Sher’s Pan Liners are perfect for use in kitchens, buffets and cafeterias. Food never touches the pan virtually eliminating contamination. They are very easy to use, faster cleanup and quick sanitation without all the scrubbing!

  • Grease goes into the trash, eliminating clogged drains
  • Eliminates dried out and burned on food, improving food quality
  • Cost effective
  • Cuts cleanup time in half
  • Food won’t stick to pan
  • No sticky, burned, or colored pans
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Available in 3 styles: Cook & Chill, Sher-Fit™, and Sher-Liners®


  • HDPE film, safe up to 220° F
  • Custom fit with bottom gusset

Additional information

Weight 3.01 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 10 x 6 in


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