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Here’s What’s Gliding into Your Fridge

By August 2, 2017 No Comments

No Matter What They Call It, It’s Still Lube

LiquiGlide sounds like something you might buy from a store with blacked-out windows and a shady character sitting at a cash register; however, this not-so-aptly named company is the purveyor of the latest and greatest lube to hit the foodservice industry. While using lube with food products sounds kind of gross (isn’t that just for cars?), LiquiGlide’s patented coatings are used to eliminate friction between liquids and solids so they don’t stick together in packaging, like glass bottles. The coating is safe to use with food products in case you were wondering. Ketchup has been the poster child of LiquiGlide because no one likes banging on the bottom of the bottle to get the sticky goodness onto their food. Moreover, LiquiGlide’s coating may help you be more environmentally friendly and recycle more products. If you lube up your carryout containers, glasses and plastic bottles, you don’t have to throw them in the landfill because of a few leftover particles, but rather can recycle them when they’re nice and clean.

Amazon Echo

Alexa, Tell Stringify to Automate my Supply Chain and Inventory Systems

You’ve seen the corny, inspiring, sweet and silly Internet of Things (IoT) advertisements where the parent asks Google or Alexa to look up information to bond with their kids. But what you haven’t seen are ads saying, “Alexa, order more takeout bags,” or “OK Google, what did my sales look like last month?” You may have thought IoT was only for consumer use at home, but it’s actually predicted to grow by $1.4 trillion in five years, according to Supply Chain Matters. So how can you use this disruptive technology? Analytics, manufacturing operations, freight monitoring and production asset management are expected to receive large investments. To keep up with the changing industry you better ask Alexa how you can use IoT.


King of “The Apprentice”  Creates Jobs by Expanding Apprenticeships

The food service industry already employees more than 14.7 million people, according to the National Restaurant Association, and they’re looking to make that number even higher. Earlier this month Donald Trump signed an executive order to expand apprenticeship programs. Approximately $200 million in grants will be transferred from existing job programs to apprenticeship programs and individual agencies will have oversight instead of the Department of Labor, explains Nation’s Restaurant News. Apprenticeships have been making the news since Barack Obama expanded them as a form of higher education, and they’re being lauded as college without debt. It is a great alternative for many young people because there is a more obvious career path at the end. The food service and hospitality industry are currently leading the way, but other industries are moving quickly to catch up.

Resin Prices May

Resin Prices Are Dropping, but Not as Fast as Partisan Relations

Resin prices and partisan politics have one thing in common in 2017, they are dropping. But what this means for you and the public is entirely different. Even though polypropylene (PP) resin prices increased during the first few months of the year, they have dropped significantly in the last three months. As of May, PP prices are down a whopping 7.5 cents, polyethylene (PE) is down 3 cents, polystyrene (PS) is down 2 cents and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is down 1 cent, according to Plastic News. While this drop is great for your supply chain and consumer prices for plastic products, we can’t say the same for partisan politics. The year started off with a carefully guarded optimism about working together, but has completely devolved into fighting and bickering. As the year continues, we’ll have to see which drop off wins out: resin prices or partisan politics.  In any case, all of our products are made from virgin, post-consumer-recycled (PCR) or degradable polyethylene. So regardless of where partisan politics go, we hope keeping you informed on other polymers in your supply chain adds that much more value to the relationship we have with you.

Chain Reaction

This Month’s “Chain Reaction” Supply Chain Cartoon Strip: Secret Meeting for the Forecasting Team

Creating an accurate forecast can seem nearly impossible, even with fancy models, projections, formulas and algorithms. This is epitomized with this month’s cartoon strip on Supply Chain Digest that shows a secret meeting with a Magic 8 Ball, Ouija Board and a coin flip. As a supply chain manager, you need to use your knowledge, data and analytics, but sometimes getting it right is just pure luck.