Most everyone knows that chips aren’t exactly the healthiest food in the world – even when you cover them with guacamole. Why remind your customers that the chips they ordered from you are greasy? If you are putting your chips in a paper bag, your customers get a firsthand look at just how greasy they are (even if you double-bag them). Chips delivered in a paper bag suddenly become unappetizing, not to mention greasy. Several of our clients came to us with complaints from their customers. Takeout customers were frustrated that their car seats were greasy from the chips. Customers receiving delivered food said the chips looked unappetizing due to the excessive grease staining. We listened and created the chip bag.

The chips bag we created doesn’t show or leak grease from chips. Even better, it allows your customers to microwave their chips at home, recreating that “in restaurant” warmth and freshness of the chips delivered to the table in the restaurant. Our clients appreciated being able to display their logo on the chips bags and liked that the label could list instructions as well as serve as a tamper-evident seal for third-party delivery.

If your customers are complaining about messy grease-stained chips bags, consider trying our chip bag for a cleaner, more appealing experience.

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