Off-premise sales have been a growth spot in the restaurant industry for several years now. Aside from third-party delivery, one aspect that shines in off-premise sales is catering. It’s easy to understand why patrons and restaurant operators are drawn to catering. Operators enjoy the larger tickets associated with catering events, and patrons enjoy the fact they don’t need to leave where they are to enjoy excellent food.

Catering provides restaurants a potentially bigger stage to perform on, and each event gives operators a chance to make their food and brand to make a strong impression on those in attendance. However, with all the extra people to impress, there’s a lot of pressure to get the job done right. Restaurants that cater need the right tools and products to make their events a success. Pak-Sher has the packaging and products to help you perfectly execute your catering program.

Big orders require big bags to transport food. Some restaurants use multiple small carryout bags or bulky boxes, or expensive paper bags for catering. We made catering easier by designing a strong plastic bag that can safely hold two full pans or up to nine 9×9 containers. This allows customers and delivery personnel to carry more food easily. Additionally, our catering Sinewave enables restaurants to proudly display their logo for additional advertising during the catering event.

Another complaint we often hear from restaurant patrons and operators is figuring out how to carry party tray platters conveniently. We’ve witnessed some restaurants delivering party trays in a rope handled bags turned on their sides. The result is a useless bag or all the food on one side of the party tray. Neither outcome is ideal. Our party tray bag makes it easy to transport party trays safely and is a perfect way to display a company logo to reinforce a great customer experience.

Another frustration we hear quite a bit from restaurants who cater is the space that gallon jugs take up in their stores. Some stores have jugs hanging from the ceiling and others have them stored in the freezer. On top of that, it is difficult to carry multiple jugs in one hand. To address our operators’ frustrations, we developed the Cater-Aid (pun intended). The Cater-Aid takes a tenth of the space that a gallon jug does, which saves tons of space in cramped kitchens. The design allows for three gallons of beverage to be carried in one hand.  Another advantage that the Cater-Aid has over gallon jugs is the ability to deliver a full line of beverages to catered events. And of course, with Pak-Sher, the Cater-Aid is customizable and gives restaurants the ability to put stunning graphics on their catered drinks to help make a big impression at catered events.

When it comes to catering, don’t neglect the packaging. Seemingly minor things, like packaging, can help you make a big impression on your customers.