Operating a restaurant is no simple task, and turning a profit is getting more difficult in part due to labor shortages leading to increased labor costs. We at Pak-Sher understand why so many restaurants are looking to save on labor, especially in the back of house. There are all kinds of contraptions that claim to cut labor costs; many of them have expensive upfront investments and take a long time for the ROI. Some of our clients say that this frustrates them. However, reducing labor costs doesn’t always involve complex systems with hefty upfront costs. Sometimes the simplest products and solutions are best – something like pan liners.

Pan liners are a great way to reduce labor and material costs because it eliminates the need to clean out pans after every use. The liners are easy to remove and don’t leave any food residue in the pan. We’ve even heard some of our customers say their pans last longer because they aren’t scrubbed multiple times every day. Other operators who use pan liners say they enjoy the peace of mind pan liners bring. They enjoy knowing that there is no residue remaining in the pan from previous servings, whether food or soap residue.

No example is perfect, but here’s a case where one restaurant was using HD Liners for their 18 x 14” pans. Here’s a quick breakdown on how quickly the savings can add up using simple math:

Note that the labor rate doesn’t include the cost of any benefits or taxes.

Clearly, results will differ, but the savings are real. Pan liners offer a cheap and effective way to cut down on labor costs while increasing food safety in your restaurant.

Pak-Sher offers liners for nearly every type of pan, and if we don’t have it, we’re happy to work with you to create liners in the size you need.

Here’s a quick preview of our Pan Liner lineup:

·        Cook and Chill Pan Liners can store cooked food in a fridge or freezer and go directly to the microwave. These liners are ideal for food warming stations. They can be used safely up to 220°F.

·        Sher-FittTM liners serve the same purpose as the Cook and Chill Pan Liners but have corner seals for a more exact fit. Custom sizing is available.

·        Sher-Liners® are made of nylon and are safe for cooking, baking or roasting at up to 400°F, and can still be used in microwaves or slow cookers.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to reduce labor in the back of the house while improving food safety, try out our pan liners. They are available at DOT and through most distributors.