Sourcing your restaurant’s t-shirt bags and pan liners shouldn’t be like fighting fires.

That’s why we go beyond custom plastic bags and film. We customize the entire solution, from end to end, just for you. Stop firefighting. We’ve got you.

We get it.

You’re tired of dealing with vendors and suppliers. They’ve been so focused on building economies of scale, they’ve forgotten how to be flexible with you. They might know your account number, but they’ve forgotten you. Quite frankly, you probably wish you could forget some of them! But those pesky fires keep popping up…

Learn what makes Pak-Sher Different

We like to build partnerships.

We like to be agile. We like getting to know you and your business. We like creating end-to-end custom solutions.

Front of House

Custom and stock products specifically for your industry.

Back of House

We’ve got you covered, from front-of-the-house, to back-of-the-house.

We provide real service, not lip service.

We put people first here at PakSher. That means we build real relationships, not just accounts. We know you’re needs are different from our other customers’, so the service we provide is tailored to your needs. Not our needs. Not someone else’s needs. Your needs. Chat with us and find out for yourself.

Use your preferred distributor. We work with most of them, and we’re in Dot Foods.

Customize our packaging to fit your shelves or optimize unit weight.

Move forward with your sustainability initiatives.

Get creative with us and find even more value.

You’ve got a tough job. We’ve got your back.

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